Everybody agrees we appear to have had a particularly lenghty and windy period since the beginning of the year but is it actually borne out by the data? We set about finding out.
Capetonians have a kind of rule of thumb that in February and March the south easter dies down and there is this blissful late summer period. The graphs below compare Jan, Feb and March of this year against last. If you look at the green line, which is 15 metres per second of wind (very windy), you can see that the graph peaks above it more often in 2008 than in 2007. This also looks to be true for the 10m/s line. So if you thought it was windier - it certainly was.
The good people at IMT in Simon's Town and the SA #A38D7E have a weather station at Roman Rock Lighthouse and kindly supplied me with the below wind data.