Paddlers Kayak Shop is extending a welcome to paddlers in the area who want to meet and paddle with others of a similar disposition. There is no joining fee or anything really club-like. You just need to own your own kayak. At least twice a week we will be hosting a group paddle, normally leaving from the wharf in front of Berthas Restaurant.

Wednesday afternoon at 5.30pm (5pm May through September) will be for the more experienced paddlers looking to grab an hour or two on the water before sunset, and Sunday at 9.30am is for those looking for a leisurely two hour paddle (usually to Boulders and back but dependent on wind direction). Occasionally, and also dependent on weather conditions, we will paddle other locations around the peninsula such as Cape Point and Kommetjie.

This is a great opportunity to add those hours to your log book or just mingle with paddlers of different craft, age and experience, perhaps befriend those of a similar outlook for future touring and trips together. Everyone must be responsible for their own safety, supply their own equipment and Paddlers, the shop, takes no responsibility for losses, bad weather or no one turning up! Yes, this is a "disclaimer"!

Videos of our some of our local paddling events.

movie graphicBuffels Trip. Video of the trip from the Cape Point to Simon's Town. movie graphicKayak race. Watch the video of the 2nd race of the Winter series. movie graphicGrand Finale. Video of the final kayak race of the winter season. movie graphicLighthouse. Video of a Wednesday evening paddle to the lighthouse.
movie graphicCape Point. Video of the trip from Buffels to Cape Point. movie graphicJust Paddlin. Steve paddling Millers Point area. movie graphicDownwind. Mark & Chris running with the wind.

Evening paddle in False Bay in late April
Sunset paddle in Hout Bay with Chapmans Peak and its famous drive lit by the setting sun. And Basil shows us that you don't always need a car to go paddling.

A whale surfaces and blows close to Chris and Margaret on this calm clear winter evening.
Margaret pauses to enjoy the sunset at Boulders and Gary nears the cliffs off Smitswinkel Bay.

A cloudy but not too windy December Wednesday paddle enjoyed by a group. Pictured here leaving the harbour past the Amatola frigate and pausing to enjoy the cormorants at Ark Rock.

Recently I have noticed a lot of large (bigger than a basketball) jellyfish whenever it's calm. And these somewhat smaller box jellyfish as well. Above left is Margaret and Rob preparing to burst over the breaking swells at Roman Rock lighthouse.